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Grant Application

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The Birds by Aristophanes


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FY 2009- 2010

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Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

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The Bird.s by Aristophanes was written in 414 B.C. and has remained a classic Greek comedy that is widely produced in classic theatres and university campuses. The plot surrounds Euelpides and Pisthetærus, two old Athenians, disgusted with the litigiousness, wrangling and sycophancy of their countrymen, and how they resolve to form a new society. As the action progresses, the two Athenians go to Cloud Cukooland to seek the help of the Hoopoe, King of the Birds, as well as the rest of the birds, in their attempt to build a new city. Euelpides and Pisthetaerus may be the inspiration for Neil Simon's The Odd Couple,which is about two contrasting friends who believe that they can form a new society (marriage) when they cannot deal with their existing one. Of course, both the ancient couple and the contemporary one have a lot to learn!