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Grant Application

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Guest Artist- Ferdinand Liva


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Project Period

FY 2008-2009

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

The Silver Duo will welcome as guest artist the renowned violinist Ferdinand Liva of the DaPonte Quartet on their February'o9 per^formance. Last season Ferdinand appeared with the Silvers in performances of works by Shostakovich and Ravel that were musical revelations. The excellence of ensemble performance on that occasion led all thre

For this year's concert the Silvers and Liva wíll perform of one of the most powerful and difficult works in the chamber music repertoire, the Piano Trio by Tchaikovsky. This is a work that literally separates the professionals from the artistic wannabes, a work that places herculean demands upon all participants. The technical demands of this work calls for efforts that place the performers at seemingly the limits of human ability. At times the Iistener has difficulty believing that such a rich texture can be produced by only three instruments. The music itself, written to commemorate the death of Tchaikovsky's teacher, Nicolai Rubinstein, is extraordínarily excíting and wrought with emotion.