Document Type

Grant Application

Project/Presentation Title

New Writing Series Fall 2003


see attached



Project Period

FY 2003- 2004

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

I am writing on behalf of the English Department and the National Poetry Foundation to request the Committee's assistance in continuing the New Writing Series established in the spring of 2000. The $6000 I am requesting for the fall semester of 2003 represents less than one half of the Series' operating budget of approximately $14,520 for the semester (please see attached budget). The remainder of the required funding will be provided by the English Department's Lloyd H. Elliott fund, with some financial help from other departments' programs, and offices. The primary objectives of the New Writing Series are (i) to make contemporary Poetry valued part of the cultural life at the University of Maine, (ii) to broaden the University's local, national, and international reputation as a site of vibrant cultural exchange and creativity, and (iii) to cultivate links within the University as well as between the University and area secondary schools that foster imaginative approaches to thinking about contemporary poetry.