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Grant Application


University of Maine


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Project Period

FY 2002-2003

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

Estuaries are the place where fresh water and seawater environments converge. Despite the importance of this ecosystem, this universe does not have a course addressing estuary studies. To fill this curricular void, I have organized a seminar series entitled "Estuary and Coastal Processes" for the fall of 2003. The series will feature prominent estuary scientists and managers from around the nation. There will also be one scientist from Northern Europe who studies estuaries in there that are very similar to those here in Maine. Funds to support this program have already been pledged by the Vice President for Research, the Dean of Natural Science Forestry and Agriculture (NSFA) and by a number of academic units in NSFA. This proposal requests funds to cover less than half of the projected travel costs for the invited speakers'