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Grant Application

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Three Bands Concert- Guest Steve Reineke


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Project Period

FY 2001-2002

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

The concert, scheduled for April at Maine Center for the Arts, attracts close to 600 people to campus for the event. This year, the Old Town Middle School and Hampden Academy have already agreed to participate and they have each comm¡tted $700 to offset expenses. The guest artist will be Steve Reineke, a noted composer of band music who is also an arranger for the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. A complete bio is attached for Mr. Reineke. ln addition to the public concert, Mr. Reineke will work with the two guest bands in their schools, and he will guest-lecture in several of the SPA music classes. As in the past, proceeds will be used to benefit the Children's Miracle Network and Acadia Hospital's Speak Out for Kids program. For their part, Eastern Maine Charities advertises the event on newspaper, radio and television.