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Grant Application

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Noises Off


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Project Period

FY 2001-2002

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Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

Michaet Frayn's wonderful Broadway hit is a farce about farce that takes the cliches of the genre and shakes them inventively through a series of kaleidoscopic patterns. Never missing a trick, it has as its first act a pastiche of traditional farce; as its second, a contemporary variant of the formula; as its third, an elaborate undermining of it. The play opens with a touring company dress'rehearsing Nothing On, a conventional farce. Mixing mockery and homage, the author heaps into this play within- a-play a hilarious melee of stock characters and situations. In a continuing effort to appeal to a wide variety of audiences, director Sandra Hardy will reach out to the hearing impaired by hiring two signing professionals, one for each side of the Hauck stage, for one of the performances.