BMB 464 Analytical and Preparative Biochemical Laboratory Methods - Instructional Videos & LibGuide

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3 instructional videos created for BMB 464, "Analytical and Preparative Biochemical Laboratory Methods," in lieu of synchronous instruction. Videos created at the request of the instructor, Jennifer Newell-Caito. Also, includes files capturing the content and appearance of the corresponding class LibGuide. The footage was created using a combination of video shot with an iPhone SE running the default Camera app, and the Zoom recording feature capturing activity at a office workstation, recording the Zoom voiceover through a Logitech headset. A intro, outro were added, and "button" sound clips trimmed and saved with the free web version of Clideo. The "buttons" in video were added to capture some of the spirit of live instructional sessions, during which usually fill pre-class time by playing subject-specific scientific musical parodies. The videos were trimmed and spliced using the free web version of Kapwing, manually editing the subtitles automatically generated by that software.

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COVID-19_Teaching, Learning & Research_2020_04_15b

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The library instructional material was submitted using the COVID-19 UMaine Community Archive Google Form.

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