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Fall 2020


Screenshots of webpages on the University of Maine Fall '20–Spring '21 webpages tagged as being "Faculty, staff and students" updates related to University operations and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the fall of 2021 the "Fall '20–Spring '21" webpages were replaced by the "COVID-19 health and safety guidance" webpages.

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COVID-19_Fall '20–Spring '21_2020_11_11c

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The content was captured from the webpages of the University of Maine by Matthew Revitt, University Archivist on November 11, 2020.

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Will the university provide face coverings required for employees while on campus - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (131 kB)
Is there guidance for employees returning to campus, and UMaine offices and facilities statewide - Fall '20-Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (126 kB)
What does the 2020–21 academic calendar look like - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (112 kB)
What should UMaine faculty and staff do when preparing to return to their workplaces - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (173 kB)
What is the most up-to-date guidance and resources for UMaine and UMM employees - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (122 kB)
Do students have a Pass Fail option in fall 2020 - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_11_05.pdf (430 kB)
What is the latest information on New Balance Student Recreation Center and Maine Bound - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_11_10.pdf (157 kB)
How are campuses in the University of Maine System preparing students for a safe return home at Thanksgiving - Fall '20-Spring '21 2020_11_12.pdf (254 kB)
What is the latest guidance on group size limits on campus and public access - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_11_13.pdf (301 kB)
What is the latest guidance for UMaine residential students departing for the fall semester - Spring 2021 2020_11_18.pdf (127 kB)
How will the UMaine and UMM communities be notified if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 on the campuses - Spring 2021 2020_12_30.pdf (163 kB)
What is the latest information about the return to campus for the spring semester - Spring 2021 2021_01_08.pdf (162 kB)
What are the latest UMS updates for employees pertaining to available leave options, pay guidance, COVID testing and training resources - Spring 2021 2020_01_15.pdf (242 kB)
Message to UMaine students — January 16 - Spring 2021 2021_01_19.pdf (272 kB)
I'm a university employee who has tested positive for COVID-19 with a RT PCR diagnostic test and has completed the isolation period 2021_01_25.pdf (132 kB)
What guidance does Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center provide for students at Cutler Health regarding sympomatic COVID-19 testing - Spring 2021 2021_01_26.pdf (802 kB)
What app are we supposed to use for phase six COVID-19 testing on campus that involves Shield T3 - Spring 2021 2021_01_29.pdf (201 kB)
What do I need to bring to my phase six COVID-19 testing appointments on campus - Spring 2021 2021_02_01.pdf (138 kB)
What is the latest guidance for students who test positive for COVID-19 - Spring 2021 2021_02_25.pdf (292 kB)
I am fully vaccinated for COVID-19 Does that change what I can do on campus at UMaine and UMM, and in university facilities and office statewide - Spring 2021 2021_03_22.pdf (144 kB)
I'm thinking of holding an event at UMaine this spring semester What should I keep in mind - Spring 2021 2021_03_19.pdf (175 kB)
What is the latest guidance for UMS employees working in person or remotely - Spring 2021 2021_04_08.pdf (105 kB)
What is the latest University of Maine System guidance regarding summer 2021 programs - Spring 2021 2021_03_04.pdf (112 kB)
What is the latest guidance about wearing face coverings on campus, and at UMaine offices and facilities statewide - Spring 2021 2021_04_30.pdf (142 kB)
What is the latest guidance regarding UMaine research activity on campus and at university facilities statewide - Spring 2021 2021_05_12.pdf (191 kB)
What is the latest information on group sizes at UMaine - COVID-19 Updates 2021_04_30.pdf (139 kB)



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