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Fall 2020


Screenshots of webpages on the University of Maine Fall '20–Spring '21 webpages tagged as being regarding Health and Safety and the University measures put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19_Fall '20–Spring '21_2020_11_11a

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The content was captured from the webpages of the University of Maine by Matthew Revitt, University Archivist on November 11, 2020.

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Are face coverings required at UMaine and UMM - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (118 kB)
Can I use a face shield in place of a face covering - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (135 kB)
Do members of the UMaine and UMM communities who have been out of state have to quarantine - Fall '20-Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (136 kB)
Does the Psychological Services Center offer any counseling - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (115 kB)
Does the university have a COVID-19 Response Team - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (262 kB)
How does wastewater testing, led by the UMS Scientific Advisory Board, contribute to our overall COVID monitoring efforts 2020_11_10.pdf (113 kB)
How should employees make a decision about self-isolating and quarantining during the pandemic - Fall '20-Spring'21 2020_08_31.pdf (131 kB)
How should members of the UMaine and UMM communities inform the university that they have tested positive - Fall '20-Spring '21 2020_11_10.pdf (113 kB)
How will the UMaine and UMM communities be notified if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 on the campus - Fall '20-Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (255 kB)
How will UMaine and UMM help maintain social distancing protocols - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (132 kB)
I have not been identified as a close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, but I feel I should be tested 2020_11_09.pdf (150 kB)
I heard that there will be additional COVID-19 testing on campus beyond move-in weekend What are the details - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (118 kB)
I just learned that someone I know has tested positive for COVID-19 How do I know if I am a close contact - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_11_10.pdf (255 kB)
If a residential student who tests positive, what will the steps be for isolating - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (225 kB)
In addition to face coverings, what other PPE is there on campus for community members - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (134 kB)
In addition to two university-issued face coverings, will employees receive any other health-related items - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (125 kB)
Is there a public health campaign raising awareness of health and safety protocols on campus - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (141 kB)
What are UMaine’s plans for providing COVID-19 testing for students in fall 2020 - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (108 kB)
What do I need to know about phase three surveillance testing on campus, Sept 14 through late November - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_09_10.pdf (172 kB)
What does it mean for members of the UMaine community to quarantine and isolate - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_11_09.pdf (147 kB)
What does it mean for members of the UMaine community to quarantine and isolate - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_11_10.pdf (166 kB)
What is the latest information about public access and general operations on University of Maine System - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (110 kB)
What is the latest University of Maine System guidance regarding limits on the sizes of groups and in-person classes - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (109 kB)
What is the University of Maine System’s latest guidance on face coverings - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (108 kB)
What is UMaine’s plan to provide on-campus COVID-19 testing throughout the semester - - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (111 kB)
What protocols should be followed by employees returning from out-of-state travel to UMaine and UMM campuses - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (288 kB)
What special cleaning is being done on campus in response to COVID-19 - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (128 kB)
What’s the latest information about phase three testing at UMaine and other University of Maine System campuses - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_09_10.pdf (116 kB)
Why aren’t you requiring COVID-19 testing for all Maine students and employees - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (232 kB)
Will hygiene barriers be installed on campus - Fall '20–Spring '21 2020_08_31.pdf (104 kB)



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