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Maine Agricultural Experiment Station and Maine Cooperative Extension Service

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Winter 1989

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Orono, ME

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The 1988 edition of the Blueberry Advisory Committee Research Reports was prepared for the Maine Wild Blueberry Commission and the University of Maine Wild Blueberry Advisory Committee by researchers with the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station and Maine Cooperative Extension Service at the University of Maine, Orono. Projects in this report include:

1. Monitoring methods, economic injury levels, and action thresholds for blueberry spanworm larvae in vegetative year fields.

2. Control of secondary blueberry pests

3. Control of blueberry maggot

4. Effect of pruning practices on blueberry insect abundance

5. Survey of Fungi Contaminating Lowbush Blueberries

6. Nutrition Survey 1988

7. Phosphorus Dose/Response Curve

8. Effect of Several Mulches on Frost Heaving, Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature and Rhizome Development

9. Influence of Mulch Sources on Clonal Spread-SCS Study, Deblois

10. Effect of Surface Mulches on Stabilizing Lowbush Blueberry Soil in Barren Areas

11. Nitrogen-Phosphorus Study

12. Changes in Sugar and Organic Acids of Blueberries During Development, Preprocess Lag Time and Storage

13. Characterization of Pectin in Blueberries

14. Effect of Hexazinone (VELPAR) on Species Distribution in Lowbush Blueberry Fields

15. Evaluation of Setyhoxydim (POAST) for Bunchgrass Control

16. Evaluation and modification of commercial wipers

17. Evaluation of Five Preemergence Herbicides for Control of Oatgrass and Bunchgrass

18. Effect of rate and formulation of hexazinone (VELPAR) on bunchberry

19. Bracken fern control alternatives

20. Hexazinone (VELPAR) and terbacil (SINBAR) combinations for weed control

21. Evaluation of hexazinone (VELPAR) with spot treatments of glyphosate (ROUNDUP) or sethoxydin (POAST) for bunchgrass control

22. Directed sprays of glyphosate (ROUNDUP) for bunchberry control.

23. Evaluation of Postemergence Applications of Chlorimuron for Bunchberry Control

24. Seedling Pruning Study

25. Blueberry Harvester Trials

26. Blueberry Extension Program


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