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Winter 2003

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Orono, ME

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The 2002 edition of the Wild Blueberry Project Reports was prepared for the Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine and the Wild Blueberry Advisory Committee by researchers at the University of Maine, Orono. Projects in this report include:

1. Factors Affecting Microbial and Pesticide Residue Levels on Wild Blueberries

2. Effect of Blueberry Products on Oxidation in Meat Based Food

3. Determination of Pesticide Residue Levels in Freshly Harvested and Processed Wild Blueberries

4. Detection of Infested Wild Blueberries using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

5. Investigation Of The Mechanism By Which Blueberry Fractions Maintain Arterial Integrity

6. Antioxidant Assessment in the Elderly

7. Water Use of Wild Blueberries and the Impact of Plant Water Stress on Yield

8. Control Tactics for Wild blueberry Pest Insects

9. IPM Strategies

10. Pest Biology

11. Wild Blueberry Pollination Research

12. Survey and Determination of Effective Control of Stem Blight and Leaf Spot Diseases in Wild Blueberry Fields

13. Effect of Foliar-applied Iron Chelate Concentration on Leaf Iron Concentration, Wild Blueberry Growth and Yield

14. Effect of Boron Application Methods on Boron Uptake in Wild Blueberries

15. Effect of Foliar N spray on Leaf N Concentration, Growth and Yield of Wild Blueberries

16. Effect of Foliar Spray (4-13-15) on Leaf Nutrient Concentration, Growth and Yield of Wild Blueberries

17. Effect of Foliar Copper Application on Growth and Yield of Wild Blueberries

18. Effect of Foliar Copper and/or Iron Application on Growth and Yield of Wild Blueberries

19. Effect of Soil pH on Nutrient Uptake

20. Assessment of Hexazinone Alternatives for Weed Control in Wild Blueberries and Weed Control

21. Evaluation of Fall Applications of Sulfonylurea Herbicides for Bunchberry Control in Wild Blueberries

22. Evaluation and Demonstration of Techniques for Filling in Bare Spots in Wild Blueberry Fields

23. Blueberry Extension Education Program Base

24. 2002 Pesticide Groundwater Survey

25. Cultural Weed Management using sulfur to lower the pH


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