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This project was designed to complete a preliminary biological inventory of US Navy and Acadia National Park lands on Schoodic and Corea Peninsulas in coastal Maine, with the overall goal of providing the Navy and the National Park Service with natural resource information sufficient for management decisions. In this region, lands administered by these agencies are adjacent to each other and present a unique opportunity to cooperatively assess and manage natural resources.

Prior to 1994, basic biological information on the Schoodic Peninsula region was scarce. A preliminary biological inventory was undertaken in 1994, which surveyed amphibians and reptiles, terrestrial mammals, and vascular plants (Mittelhauser, et al. 1995). The present project involved intensive studies of three taxonomic groups not studied in the 1994 survey (bats, landbirds, and bryophyte plants) and follow-up studies of amphibians, terrestrial mammals, and vascular plants. Specific objectives were to: (1) compile species lists for taxa not previously studied; (2) update species and habitat information of taxa studied in 1994; (3) identify federal and state-listed endangered or threatened species and other species of local or state-level management concern; and (4) organize available data for further resource management decisions.

The study area included all US Navy lands on Corea Heath and Big Moose Island (approximately 250 hectares) and all Acadia National Park lands on Schoodic Peninsula and Big Moose Island (approximately 800 ha). Corea Heath is designated as a Maine Critical Area, and recognized as a one of the largest and most southerly coastal raised peatlands in North America. The jack pine (Pinus banksiana) stands on Schoodic Peninsula, Big Moose Island, and Corea Heath also are designated Maine Critical Areas. Hence the region is of considerable interest in terms of the biology and conservation of its ecological communities.

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W.E. Glanz and B. Connery, editors. 1999. Biological Inventories of Schoodic and Corea Peninsulas, Coastal Maine, 1996. US National Park Service Technical Report NPS/BSO-RNR/NRTR/00-4. 142 pp.


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