Submissions from 2021


A practical solution: the Anthropocene is a geological event, not a formal epoch, Philip L. Gibbard, Andrew M. Bauer, Matthew Edgeworth, William F. Ruddiman, Jacquelyn L. Gill, Dorothy J. Merritts, Stanley C. Finney, Lucy E. Edwards, Michael J. C. Walker, Mark Maslin, and Erle C. Ellis

Submissions from 2019


Repeat disturbances have cumulative impacts on stream communities, Jessica M. Haghkerdar, Jack R. McLachlan, Alexis Ireland, and Hamish S. Greig


Strong Zonation of Benthic Communities Across a Tidal Freshwater Height Gradient, Jack R. McLachlan, Jessica M. Haghkerdar, and Hamish S. Greig

Books from 2018

Ecosystem Biogeochemistry: Element Cycling in the Forest Landscape, Christopher S. Cronan


Dorothy J. Jackson FRES FLS, Scottish Entomologist: A Bibliography, Jack R. McLachlan


High Net Loss Of Intertidal Wetland Coverage In A Maine Estuary By Year 2100, Jack R. McLachlan

Submissions from 2017


Bees of Maine, with a State Species Checklist, Alison C. Dibble, Francis A. Drummond, Constance Stubbs, Michael Veit, and John S. Ascher

Books from 2016

Treating Internalizing Disorders in Children and Adolescents: Core Techniques and Strategies, Douglas W. Nangle, David J. Hansen, Rachel L. Grover, Julie Newman Kingery, and Cynthia M. Suveg

Submissions from 2014


Habitat occupancy of Rusty Blackbirds (Euphagus carolinus) breeding in northern New England, USA, Luke L. Powell, Thomas P. Hodgman, Ian J. Fiske, and William E. Glanz

Submissions from 2013


Insect Pests of Potato: Global Perspectives on Biology and Management, Andrei Alyokhin, Charles Vincent, and Philippe Giordanengo

Books from 2011

Biological Diversity: Frontiers in Measurement and Assessment, Anne E. Magurran Editor and Brian J. McGill Editor

Submissions from 2010


Home Ranges of Rusty Blackbirds Breeding in Wetlands: How Much Would Buffers from Timber Harvest Protect Habitat?, Luke L. Powell, Thomas P. Hodgman, and William E. Glanz


Nest-Site Selection and Nest Survival of the Rusty Blackbird: Does Timber Management Adjacent to Wetlands Create Ecological Traps?, Luke L. Powell, Thomas P. Hodgman, William E. Glanz, James D. Osenton, and Caleb M. Fisher

Submissions from 2009


Adaptive Changes in Life History and Survival following a New Guppy Introduction, Swanne P. Gordon, David N. Reznick, Michael T. Kinnison, Michael J. Bryant, Dylan J. Weese, Katja Rasanen, Nathan P. Millar, and Andrew P. Hendry

Books from 2008

Science and Conservation of Vernal Pools in Northeastern North America, Aram J K Calhoun Editor and Phillip G. DeMaynadier

Problem-solving in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management: Exercises for Class, Field, and Laboratory, James P. Gibbs, Malcolm L. Hunter Jr., and Eleanor J. Sterling

Plant Systematics: A Phylogenetic Approach, Walter S. Judd, Christopher S. Campbell, Peter F. Stevens, and Michael J. Donoghue

Books from 2007

Fundamentals of Conservation Biology, James P. Gibbs and Malcolm L. Hunter Jr.

Saving the Earth as a Career: Advice on Becoming a Conservation Professional, Malcolm L. Hunter Jr., David B. Lindenmayer, and Aram J K Calhoun

Books from 2006

Economics of Rural Land-Use Change, Kathleen Bell Editor, Kevin J. Boyle Editor, and Jonathan Rubin Editor

Differential Expressions2: Key Experiments in Developmental Biology, Mary S. Tyler, Ronald N. Kozlowski, and Scott F. Gilbert

Books from 2005

Manly Hardy (1832-1910): The Life and Writing of a Maine Fur-buyer, Hunter, and Naturalist, Hardy Manley and William B. Krohn

Large Carnivores and the Conservation of Biodiversity, Justina C. Ray Editor, Kent H. Redford Editor, Robert Steneck Editor, and Joel Berger Editor

Books from 2002

Fundamentals of Conservation Biology, Malcolm L. Hunter Jr.

Plant Systematics: A Phylogenetic Approach, Walter S. Judd, Christopher S. Campbell, Elizabeth A. Kellogg, Peter F. Stevens, and Michael J. Donoghue

Submissions from 2000


Additional evidence that juvenile oyster disease is caused by a member of the roseobacter group and colonization of nonaffected animals by stappia stellulata-like strains, K. J. Boettcher, B. J. Barber, and J. T. Singer

Submissions from 1999


Use of antibacterial agents to elucidate the etiology of juvenile oyster disease (JOD) in Crassostrea virginica and numerical dominance of an α- proteobacterium in JOD-affected animals, Katherine J. Boettcher, Bruce J. Barber, and John T. Singer


Biological Inventories of Schoodic and Corea Peninsulas, Coastal Maine, 1996, Willaim E. Glanz, Bruce Connery, Norman Famous, Glen Mittelhauser, Melissa Perera, Marcia Spencer-Famous, and Guthrie Zimmerman


Multiplex reverse transcriptase PCR assay for simultaneous detection of three fish viruses, K. Williams, S. Blake, A. Sweeney, J. T. Singer, and B. L. Nicholson

Submissions from 1996


Assessment and Choice: An Operant Simulation of Foraging in Patches, John P. Roche, D. Alan Stubbs, and William E. Glanz