Bert Call


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Image scanned from black and white negative labeled "Sewell's Camp on Mt. Katahdin." Five people, three women and probably two men, sit and stand at their ease around the remains of a campfire. One woman cradles a cat in her arms. An older man sits on a rustic bench, and gazes contemplatively at the ashes. One women is pouring what appears to be milk into the mug of another woman. Behind the group is a large log cabin, with a metal roof, and an attached bench. The screen door is open, and a table, loaded with pots and pans, is against one wall. The camp appears to be in a heavily wooded area.


Mount Katahdin (Me.), Piscataquis County (Me.), Women, Men, Camping, Log Cabins, Campfires, Cats, Trees, Eating, Food


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