Submissions from 2019


Framing the discussion of microorganisms as a facet of social equity in human health, Suzanne L. Ishaq, Maurisa Rapp, Risa Byerly, Loretta S. McClellan, Maya R. O'Boyle, Anika Nykanen, Patrick J. Fuller, Calvin Aas, June M. Stone, Sean Killpatrick, Manami M. Uptegrove, Alex Vischer, Hannah Wolf, Fiona Smallman, Houston Eymann, Simon Narode, Ellee Stapleton, Camille C. Cioffi, and Hannah F. Tavalire

Submissions from 2011


Pathogen-Mediated Evolution of Immunogenetic Variation in Plains Zebra (Equus quagga) of Southern Africa, Pauline L. Kamath