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2016 AQ Summit: Introduction by Anne Langston

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Maine’s aquaculture sector is already strong and vibrant, but has substantial potential to increase in size and productivity, leading to new business and job creation. The vast majority (but not all) of Maine’s aquaculture firms have common characteristics such as: small size; small workforce and therefore a reduced diversity of in-company skills to draw on; limited access to capital; and reduced capacity for research and innovation. These characteristics can hinder growth both as a business and a sector.

To support Maine’s community of small businesses, and maximize growth for businesses and the aquaculture sector, collaborative research and development is required. A vibrant and enabling research environment, with integrated components that are easy to access is essential. This forms a foundation for innovation based economic development that can create jobs, build sustainable businesses, and generate wealth for Maine. And this is why the Annual Maine R&D Forums are such an important part of the aquaculture sector.



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