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New Haven, CT

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Mollusk shells provide brief (<5 yr per shell) records of past marine conditions, including marine radiocarbon reservoir age (R) and upwelling. We report 21 14C ages and R calculations on small (~2 mg) samples from 2 Mesodesma donacium (surf clam) shells. These shells were excavated from a semi-subterranean house floor stratum 14C dated to 7625 ± 35 BP at site QJ-280, Quebrada Jaguay, southern Peru. The ranges in marine 14C ages (and thus R) from the 2 shells are 530 and 170 14C yr; R from individual aragonite samples spans 130 ± 60 to 730 ± 170 14C yr. This intrashell 14C variability suggests that 14C dating of small (time-slice much less than 1 yr) marine samples from a variable-R (i.e. variable-upwelling) environment may introduce centuries of chronometric uncertainty.

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Jones, Kevin B, Gregory W L Hodgins, Miguel F Etayo-Cadavid, C Fred, T Andrus, and Daniel H Sandweiss. 2010. "Centuries of Marine Radiocarbon Reservoir Age Variation within Archaeological Mesodesma donacium Shells from Southern Peru". Radiocarbon. 52 (2): 1207.


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