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The papers included in this volume represent fourteen of the twenty-three original papers presented at the First Annual Northeast Conference on Andean Archaeology and Ethnohistory held at Cornell University on November 13th and 14th, 1982. The papers are: "The Preceramic Occupations of the Casma Valley, Peru" by Michael A. Malpass, "The Historical Development of a Coastal Andean Social Formation in Central Peru, 6000 to 500 B.C." by Thomas C. Patterson, "Stone Tools in Ceramic Contexts: Exploring the Unstructured" by Joan M. Gero, "Possible Uses, Roles, and Meanings of Chavin-style Painted Textiles of South Coast Peru" by Rebecca R. Stone, "Megalithic Sites in the Nepena Valley, Peru" by Richard E. Daggett, "Huaca del Loro Revisited: The Nasca-Huarpa Connection" by Allison C. Paulsen, "Spatial Patterning and the Function of a Huari Architectural Compound" by Christine C. Brewster-Wray, "The Development of Huari Administrative Architecture" by Lynda E. Spickard, "Aspects of State Ideology in Huari and Tiwanaku Iconography: The Central Deity and the Sacrificer" by Anita G. Cook, "Shared Ideology and Parallel Political Development: Huari and Tiwanaku" by William H. Isbell, "Casma Incised Pottery: An Analysis of Collections from the Nepena Valley" by Cheryl Daggett, "High Altitude Land Use in the Huamachuco Area" by T. McGreevy and R. Shaughnessy, "La Lengua Pescadora: the Lost Dialect of Chimu Fishermen" by Joel Rabinowitz, and "The Chancas of Angaraes: 1450(?)--1765" by Paul H. Dillon.

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Cornell University Latin American Studies Program


Ithaca, New York


Regional interaction, Casma Valley, Mongoncillo occupation, Paijan, preceramic, Chavin, ancient textiles, iconography, Early Horizon, megalithic sites, Nepena Valley, Early Intermediate Period, Nazca, Ayacucho, Huaca del Loro site, Huarpa, Middle Horizon, Andean religion, social complexity, Peruvian Central Coast, La Florida site, monumental architecture, Tiwanaku, Huari, Moraduchayuc sector Huari, ancient architecture, Virahuanca Bajo site, Santa Lucia site, Chimu ceramics, Moche Valley, Casma Incised pottery, Late Intermediate Period, Initial Period, lithic analysis, Huricoto site, Callejon de Huaylas, settlement patterns, Huamachuco, ethnicity, Pescadora dialect, Chanca


Archaeological Anthropology | Architectural History and Criticism | Ceramic Arts

Investigations of the Andean Past: Papers from the First Annual Northeast Conference on Andean Archaeology and Ethnohistory