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An image scanned from a black and white photograph of musicians in military uniforms with a typed caption, "Bangor Band, Muster of 2nd Regiment, Augusta, August, 1884. A handwritten note on the back emphasizes that Maine band leader and composer, Robert Browne Hall, is the band leader. The drum is painted to say Bangor Band. Names on the caption are E. A. Haley; Violet; G. Cushing; H. F. Woods; C. D. Bradman; F. O. Files; J. Delaney; R. B. Hall (Leader); F. L. Tuck; H. D. Adams; T. J. Gallagher; O. C. Drinkwine; J. G. Fenno; J. McNulty; P. H. Fenno; Wm. Haly; Wm. Herrin; F. E. Maxfield; J. Philbrook; Job Springer; J. F. Todd; G. M. Tuck; and F. M. Clark.



Part Of

MS 37, Thomas C. Bardwell Collection on R. B. Hall


music, composers, Maine, Robert Browne Hall, bands