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An image scanned from a black and white photograph of Maine author Mary Hayden Green Pike, 1824-1908. Pike's novels include Ida May, Caste, and Agnes. In an abstract to her 1947 thesis about Pike, Rachel R. Griffin noted, "Mary Hayden Green Pike, a pre-Civil War novelist of Calais, Maine, was one of the more popular writers to follow in the wake of Harriet Beecher Stowe. Deeply concerned with the moral issue of the slavery question, she visited the South, where she made close observation of the slavery system." Griffin also noted that as of the time of writing, "an extended study of her life and works has not been written. Whatever the cause of her obscurity, her popularity as a novelist of the 'feminine fifties,' her enthusiasm for the abolitionist cause, and her value as a propagandist seem to merit more than literary oblivion."



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Rachel R. Griffin M. A. thesis, 1947


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