Insect Pests of Potato: Global Perspectives on Biology and Management


Insect Pests of Potato: Global Perspectives on Biology and Management



Insect Pests of Potato: Biology and Management provides a comprehensive source of up-to-date scientific information on the biology and management of insects attacking potato crops, with an international and expert cast of contributors providing its contents. This book presents a complete review of the scientific literature from the considerable research effort over the last 15 years, providing the necessary background information to the subject of studying the biology management of insect pests of potatoes, assessment of recent scientific advances, and a list of further readings. This comprehensive review will be of great benefit to a variety of scientists involved in potato research and production, as well as to those facing similar issues in other crop systems.



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Academic Press


potato crops, pest management, crop systems


Audience Scientists working in potato production (entomologists, plant pathologists, agronomists, plant breeders, and agroecologists); agricultural researchers at federal and state agencies; pest managers; IPM practitioners (cooperative extension personnel and crop advisors), and advanced undergraduate/graduate students studying entomology and agricultural science