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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England Division

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Waltham, MA

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Sediment mercury concentrations higher than levels normall y considered trace or background were encountered up to 80 cm belo w the sediment-water interface in samples obtained from four oligotrophi c lakes in northern Maine . These lakes are in three different watershed s and are as far as 65 km apart . The values reported are far lower than levels reported elsewhere from contaminated sites . The distributio n and magnitude of the sediment concentrations encountered suggest long-ter m diffuse mercury inputs to the lakes from the watersheds . In addition , concentrations up to twice as high in near-surface sediments as in sediments from deeper within the core samples suggest additiona l cultura l inputs . A likely source woul d incude input from contaminated precipitation , as described for remote regions of NY (11) and NH (12)

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Schmitt, Christopher J., and Dennis R. Sasseville. 1978. Dickey-Lincoln School Lakes Project environmental impact statement: appendix E: aquatic ecosystem and fisheries studies (supplement). Waltham, Mass: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England Division.


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